We Have You Protected. Read On.

At Rowland Title, we understand that buying a home is the biggest investment you’ll make. And, we make it our job to protect your investment by facilitating all of the details related to title insurance and services.

Title insurance protects both you, as the home buyer, and the lender’s investment for as long as all parties hold any interest or legal obligation to the property.

It’s our job to protect the insured parties against title problems. Some cannot be disclosed in public record searches.

Here are some examples:

– forged deeds, releases or wills
– mistakes in recording legal documents
– undisclosed or missing heirs
– deeds by persons of unsound mind, or misrepresented as single, when really married
– liens for unpaid real estate, inheritance, income or gift taxes

Title insurance assures all parties that the title is clear to sell. All public records pertaining to the title are thoroughly searched. Defense is provided for the insured parties to clear the title should any lawsuits be brought against it in the future. Lastly, title insurance pays any resulting losses that may occur if a lawsuit should be brought against the title and upheld.

The good news: you are protected. Whether it’s days or years from the time of home purchase, you and your lender are protected.

Rowland Title has the experience to be all you need in a title company. We were founded by professionals 125 years ago and continue to uphold the highest industry standards in how we conduct business.

Contact us to help you with your title needs.


About rowlandtitle

Rowland Title Company is Madison County’s premiere title company, celebrating its 125th year in business, and providing title insurance, escrow and closing needs to all 92 Indiana counties. For more information visit Rowland Title at (www.rowlandtitle.com).
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